Best Outreach Prize Awardees

Prize 2015 – Eline Dehandschoewerker (France)

For her presentation “Surfing Physics Workshop” at the Festival of Sciences in Bidarte (France) April 9-11, 2015


Concepts of fluid mechanics were presented, such as waves, buoyancy, friction, surface tension, Leidenfrost effect, and the hydrodynamic force (see the event description).


Prize 2016 – Shari Finner, Marie Föllmer and Maxime Tortora (UK)

The awardees are PhD students of the Marie Curie network “Directed Structure at the meso-scale ” (DiStruc). On July 9, 2016, they organized, in Oxford, UK, a family outreach event entitled “Squishy Soft Science” (see Fig. 1 and the event description).

Attended by 110 children and 100 adults, Squishy Soft Science offered the opportunity to experience hands-on demonstrations and experiments regarding
different aspects of the science of soft matter, such as surface tension, liquid crystal phases and their interaction with light, non-Newtonian fluids and fibre spinning (see the event booklet).

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