How to join the Action

The goal of this Action is to stimulate the interaction between scientific communities working on:
– Complex fluids (topic 1, including e.g. granular materials, soft-particle dispersions, glasses
material, rheology, yield stress materials, dense suspensions, …)
– Active matter (topic 2, including e.g. biological and synthetic micro-swimmers like bacteria, plankton, catalytic Janus colloids, bird flocks, insect swarms, etc.);
– Complex flows (topic 3, including e.g. turbulence, chaotic flows, etc.).

COST Actions are networking projects that make it possible to support reciprocal scientific visits (STSM), the organisation of large scientific conferences, as well as targeted working group meetings. COST Actions run for a period of 4 years

The MP1305 COST Action is structured in 4 Working Groups focusing on:

  • WG1 – Experimental techniques
  • WG2 – Numerical techniques
  • WG3 – Analytical techniques
  • WG4 – Applications, dissemination and outreach

Priority will be given to interdisciplinary activities, where at least two of the focus topics are covered. Furthermore the COST Action aims at promoting Gender balance, integration of Early Stage Researchers (ESRs), Inclusiveness, International Cooperation and Industry involvement.

The COST Action will assign two prizes yearly for the best scientific research and best outreach activity performed by ESRs officially registered participant in the Action (members of the Action). Becoming a member of the Action will ensure that you remain fully informed on all the ongoing activities, your name will be listed on the website of the COST Action and, most important, you will become eligible for support when taking part to COST events. There are no obligations for members of the Action, however we expect that all will contribute and take part to some of the Action events (e.g. scientific conferences). For more information on the COST Action “Flowing matter” please consult the MoU available at:

For any further query please feel free to contact the Chair of the Action: prof. Dr. Federico Toschi

How to join:

To become members of the Action you simply need to send an email to: and cc the Chair of the Action providing the following information:


– Professional Title (dr., prof.):
– (given) Name:
– Surname (Family name):
– Email:
– Institution/University:
– Institute/Department:
– Mailing address:
– Country:
– Male/Female:
– Date of Birth:
– Web page:
– Phone number:
– Fax number:
– Key words:
– Skype contact:
– Year of PhD defence:
– Which Working Group(s) (WGs) are you attending (more than one WG possible):
WG-1. Experimental techniques
WG-2. Numerical techniques
WG-3. Analytical techniques
WG-4. Applications, dissemination and outreach
– Which Topics are you interested in (at least two topics expected):
T-1 Complex fluids (topic 1)
T-2 Active matter (topic 2)
T-3 Complex flows (topic 3)
– Industrial or Academic participant:
– Keywords (5) that best describe your research interests:
– Keywords (5) that best describe your skills:

Please do not forget to attach a short CV!

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